heber-headacheAt some time in their life, nine out of every ten people will have experienced headache pain. In fact, the most common type of pain people openly complain about IS headache pain. There are some who have gone to great lengths to eliminate the contact suffering of headache pain and have very little success in eliminating it from their lives. Heber Chiropractic may have a solution that is fairly simple to help those suffering from frequent and severe headache pain.

Throughout the world, it has been discovered that there are basically two types of headaches. The more sever and long lasting of the two is a migraine headache. Migraine headaches can be felt as a throbbing pain felt on the side of a persons head and at time it may feel as if its behind a persons eyes. Some of the side effects of the migraine headache are nausea, blind spots and even being particularly sensitive to bright lights. Migraine headaches are generally longer lasting and can even be experienced for multiple days at a time. They make daily living, work or normal activity very difficult. If you are suffering from migraine headaches, please make an appointment with Dr. Nix to find relief from this life altering type of pain.

The more common form of painful headaches is that of the tension headaches. Tension headaches are more common because they are usually a result of stress. They symptoms of a tension headache are aching in the shoulders and neck accompanied by a dull deep pain in the head. Chronic tension headaches may not be a serious health concern but they definitely can make a negative impact on a person’s day to day living. If you have headaches consistently and are having difficulty with headache pain of any variety, contact Heber Chiropractic to get some relief.

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