heber-car-accidentIt has been reported that within a decade of living, every person in the United States will experience the misfortune of being affected by an automobile accident. Even though some may just be considered a simple “fender bender” they can cause injuries as severe as those deemed serious. If you have been a victim of any type of automobile accident, small or large, make an appointment with Dr. Nix at Heber Chiropractic as soon as possible.

High speed auto accidents can cause serious injuries that are obvious such as neck and back injuries with broken bones. The most common type of injuries resulting from a small accident are things that cause discomfort but heal rather naturally like muscle sprains and bruising. These many times are in addition to the more serious injuries that require chiropractic treatment.. No matter type of impact or damage the car may show, the driver and passengers may experience many variations of injury. It is important that these injuries, whether they may be causing pain or not, be evaluated by an experienced Chiropractic professional as soon as they can after an auto accident. Often times, a person who has been in an auto accident may not notice any injury or pain for several days after the accident. This may be because of the shock or adrenaline that coursed through the body at the time of the accident. Although this may be the case, it is still critical to the health of the accident victim to contact a chiropractic practice to be examined. Delay in having an injury diagnosed and treated before serious or severe pain starts to set into the body. A professional chiropractor, such as Dr. Nix, will identify injuries that might not have been addressed by a general physician. Finding these injuries and treating them immediately will eliminate the pain escalating to a level so severe daily life becomes painful.

Increase your chance of timely and proper healing of auto accident injuries by contacting Heber Chiropractic, the office of Dr. Cody Nix for your post auto accident exam by calling 435-654-1184.